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Welcome to Toucan Go Anywhere! My name is Jill and I am the founder and owner of Toucan Go Anywhere. The company started as a way for me to share my travel passion with others. For years I have been helping friends and family plan vacations to new and exciting destinations.

I have travelled extensively throughout the US, Caribbean, and Central America. Most of these trips have been with my husband and young son. I especially love helping families travel together to make memories at an affordable price.

When my son was almost four years old, we took him to Costa Rica. This was one of my favorite vacations and my son especially has fond memories of it. 


We bought him a stuffed toucan at the end of that vacation and it is one of his most prized possessions, because it represents the great time we had together and the memories we made as a family. That is where my “Toucan” dream began and why I am so passionate about helping people explore new destinations and make lifelong memories.

Whether it be resorts, hotels, cruises or Disney World vacations, I am here to help throughout your planning experience. Once you start traveling, you won’t want to stop. Are you tired of spending $2,000 every summer to go to the same place year after year? It can be easier, but really, the alternatives are endless. I can take the stress and time researching away from you and truly help you plan a dream vacation.

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